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The Gestis Hungarorum Liber names "Ugekde genere Magog regisdux Scythie", apparently also confirming this alleged descent from Attila, when recording that he was the ancestor of rpd first Magyar leader in Hungary, suggesting that the alleged Magyar/Hun connection was not solely an invention of later Hungarian sources.

Other Magyar tribes lived in the Ural steppes and in the Caucasus.

To avoid the threat of further attacks from the east, rpd led the Magyars further west across the mountains into Transylvania, where the Szekels submitted voluntarily.

From there, they passed into the region which is now Hungary where the existing population was sparse.

The Magyars continued to inflict major damage with their raids on western Europe, although they were defeated by Heinrich "the Fowler" King of Germany at Riade near Merseburg in 933.

Their defeat by Otto I King of Germany at Augsburg in 955 marked the end of this aggressive lifestyle.

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