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By providing functions or modules build into the (standardized or custom made) dashboard, certain values are enhanced whilst ignoring different information.Because of this, the user of the dashboard is subject to the subjectivity of those that make the dashboard; the user takes part within a "grammar of action" (Agre 745).The present understanding of the Web opens up the possibility for using online data in order to research society and culture and make ‘online grounded’ claims (Rogers 4).One could say that we are in an era where the virtual can function as indication of the real.There are several key elements relating to dashboards: the interface software structure behind it (what is shown, what is not shown) and the algorithms combined with the power that one accessing a dashboard has over those that do not have access to the dashboard (and hence, the data).Firstly, the interface that is shown on a dashboard is subject to the subjectivity of the developers.

Because of this we enter a governmentality Dodge and Kitchin call automated management.

Researching the visual representations of Google Images, one should keep in mind that dashboards themselves are a heavily subjective concept, subject to several discussions related to power, control and software.

The approach taken in this study does not reflect any interactive use with the dashboards shown, but keeps the above-mentioned theories in account relating the research question, methodology and results.

The grammars of actions are build in, either on request or within a standardized template, to provide the user the best information reaching its objective.

Secondly there is the use of algorithms relating to the aggregated data that is shown on dashboards.

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