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Poor web performance equals lost revenue and customers.

As you continue to build and improve on the web performance of your site, you will need to look for ingenious ways to squeeze those precious milliseconds from your page load time.

I often use the Google Page Speed plugin to check the performance of my websites, as it provides handy tips to improve the overall performance and page load times.

Whilst I was recently using the Google Page Speed plugin, I spotted a rule that I haven't paid much attention to - up until now. This means that in the same way that you might minify your external Java Script and CSS files, your page load times will also benefit from having minified HTML. NET HTML Minifier is a simple command line tool that simply strips out any whitespace in your HTML. You simply need to specify the folder of your website, and it will crawl and minify all the appropriate files. NET HTML Minifier as part of your build process and hook into the MSBuild files.

These are the source Javascript files for two pages but the total is 123949.0 bytes.

With Closure that saves me 63833.7 bytes (62 kbytes) whereas Uglify JS only saves me 57760.2 bytes (56 kbytes) of bandwidth. The fact that Closure fails on one file is a real bummer. Uglify JS doesn't save as many bytes as Closure does.

It's fine but because it's java and because I'm running this on a struggling EC2 micro instance the CPU goes up to 99% for about 10 seconds when it does the closure compilation. So, I threw Uglify JS into the mix and instead of replacing the Closure compiler I added it so it runs alongside but I obviously only keep one of the outputs.

Besides compressing the output file, Closure also: removes dead code inlines functions and variables when it determines it'd be best to do so type checking For more information on the entire Closure tools, see https://

v=M3u Wx-fhj Uc Over the years, tools like Webpack and Uglify seem to have made Closure tools less interesting because of all the extra stuff you need to use Closure in advanced mode.

Before we dive into the implementation, let's take a look at the before and after results of minification.

I took a standard HTML file and ran it through the ASP. In the table above, you can see the before and after results of the minification.

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You can place this in a generic location as it can be shared amongst your different web applications as you need it.

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