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She started dating Fiennes, then 33, when she was Gert­rude to his Hamlet.She admitted that she plunged “recklessly” into the affair with the younger actor, whose mother Jini had just died from breast cancer at 55. Annis left Wiseman, who ungallantly revealed that she had had two other affairs during their relationship, with Saint star Ian Ogilvy and another co-star whom he refused to name.Annis spent her first few years in Brazil, where her parents ran a nightclub on Copacabana beach before moving to London where they lived in a hotel for a few years.Once the family had moved to an apartment in West London her life became more settled.

I had this big high wig, all grey, which I called Marge as in Marge’s hair in The Simpsons. In Europe we admire grown-up women; I think men revere older women.” Fiennes certainly does and she seems to have never been troubled by their age gap. When she turned 40 she was asked what it was like to no longer be a sexual object.When she was 16 and played Elizabeth Taylor’s handmaiden in the film Cleopatra, the experience changed her for ever.Far from making her star-struck, it helped her develop a radical streak.Yet, despite all those who said the new relationship would never last, it did.She had a family, he didn’t want one, so that issue was covered and for more than a decade they enjoyed what was believed to be one of the strongest relationships in showbusiness.

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