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Whatever the case, the Blue Blob is the closest we have to a mascot snuggie on the list, unless of course you think an artichoke is comforting to snuggle with.Xavier does have a second mascot, so they get a pass here, but there is nothing daunting about a Blue Blob unless it is fungus on your window sill.None of these flaws seems to be affecting this cotton-feeding beetle’s game with the co-eds, but it won’t help win any intimidation showdowns.Other than the fact that Artie looks like he is about to vomit, he appears to be a friendly, kind and happy-go-lucky mascot.One can only assume that per Zippy’s inception in 1953, he was chosen by a prudish academic board.Had they opted for a mascot more representative of the team's original name, the Zippers, the pregame football tailgates would have been a lot more promiscuous.If any of you are dieting and trying to limit your caloric intake, just Google “Geoducks” right before every meal.Guaranteed you’ll lose your appetite and 20 pounds. I can only imagine the inappropriate pick-up lines from Speedy, so make sure your lady is well prepped and wearing her chastity belt just in case.

On second thought, I suppose seeing a red blob spread eagle would likely cause me to drop a wide-open touchdown pass.

This might get you a few more invites to parties serving artichoke dip, or Facebook ads, but it won't score you high on this list.

How Artie is able to walk in that thing, let alone pump up a crowd, I can't begin to hypothesize.

LSU was not the formidable foe as predicted on the field, but what about off the field? Is it lack of savage creativity, or just simply a mascot seamstress that is too nice for her own good?

Represented by a ferocious tiger, it seems pretty safe to say that this beast would come out victorious over the gentle and gregarious pachyderm that represents Alabama. According to it has been noted that elephants often pick up tigers with their trunks then throw them down on the ground, sometimes killing them. A mascot should scream school pride, pump up the crowd and strike electrifying fear in the opponent.

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