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A Primer on the Benefits of Containers for Applications" on the developer Works blog.IBM® Bluemix® is a choice for developers who just want to write code and not have to worry about containers, virtualization, or any infrastructure, for that matter. The Hyperledger Fabric is very fluid (to put it mildly).You still need to have local auditors/linguistic reviewers.Although this doesn't address Java 8, I awarded the bounty to you, because no other answer so far provides any additional insights for Java 8 and your answer adds valuable content to your question.

In the interest of space, I'm not including detailed installation instructions for all the software you need; the websites where you can obtain the software provide installation instructions.Please see the answer of @PawełDyda for the difference between locale-specific date patterns and localized date patterns.Even though the localized date pattern for German is incorrect, I asked for a way to access the localized date pattern in the Java 8 Date Time API in my bounty, which would at least get the incorrect pattern. Let's say I would like to use them as 1) Hint for user 2) Input for JQuery Datepicker.But it seems I have no choice but force translators to provide such patterns (poor Localization guys, they will have few bugs to fix).

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Not only is the technology itself cool, it's disruptive and has the potential to revolutionize the way business is done on the Internet.

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