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It is a personal observation that there is very little importance ascribed to maintaining eye contact during chat, as user attention is usually directed to the UI chat window anyway.And since avatars don’t automatically emote (although emote animations can be triggered by the user) there is no body language feedback to be gained from maintaining eye contact during SL chat.An observed female-female SL dyad could easily be the result of two male real life Second Life participants – there is a least one well known relationship where two real-life men have female avatars who are ‘partnered’ in SL.Yee’s mutual gaze measurements are also problematic, as the user behind the avatar must accomplish a sequence of deliberate keystrokes to direct his/her avatar to look at the avatar with whom he/she is speaking.EB: Marcel Proust’s Ellen Berkenblit (born 1958 in Paterson, New Jersey) is an American painter who lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. According to Nick Yee, of Stanford University, and his colleagues, Second Life, and by extension other virtual environments, is an ideal place to test paradigms of real-life human social interaction.The script would also track whether the avatars were talking at that given moment.

For all of the others, Yee has missed the boat entirely.Circumstance is more likely to create a mutual gaze – simply walking toward another avatar can cause spontaneous eye contact, as an avatar’s eyes automatically look in the direction of travel.Additionally, Yee states, “If users were in this ‘is typing’ mode, they were coded as ‘talking.’” Although it is true that the default state of an avatar is to show the ‘typing’ animation when chatting, there are numerous animation overrides that are commonly used by experienced SL residents that suppress the typing animation, overriding it with a different, customized action.Each dyad was then coded as male-male, female-female, or mixed.” Although it is generally possible to determine the gender of the avatar by examining their appearance in SL, it is impossible to know the gender of the real person controlling that avatar.Therefore, Yee’s conclusions based on avatar gender and their relationship to real world observations are invalid.

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