Dating and friendship in libya race and dating statistics

Mutassim seemed relaxed, comparing the Libyan uprising to the riots in London, and arguing that the police had to be tough.

"He said the rebels were a bit crazy in the head," she recalled.

" A former Playboy centrefold, Miss van Zon met Mutassim in an Italian nightclub in 2004, kindling a three-month relationship that ended when she learned that she "was not the only woman in his life".

But the girl from Rotterdam remained friends with the son of the powerful Arab leader, and as their friendship blossomed, she was drawn into a fabulous private world of luxury, showered with gifts and invited to some of the world's most exclusive destinations.

At Christmas, there was Mutassim's annual excursion to the Caribbean island of Saint Barts, with his entourage flown there in his private Boeing."He shouted at the guy and threw plates on the floor.He put that guy like a dog in a corner and then he demanded that he eat the whole lot, there in front of us. I never saw the servant again, and I don't know what happened to him.She was curious about his father, although she was never allowed to meet him."You must become a Muslim first," Mutassim had told her.

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Before she was evacuated from the city by a humanitarian ship to Malta on Friday, though, she gave an extraordinary account of the final days of the Gaddafi regime - an insight into a family who will fight to the death and destroy their country before they give up power. He had a beard, he was sitting on a couch strewn with automatic weapons, and he was guarded by unsmiling 16-year-old boys with sub-machine guns." On the wall behind was a huge portrait of his father, Muammar Gaddafi.

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